Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Managing Up

All of us have a boss - or several. I've been working for money since my first paper route at age 7 and have been both a boss and had many bosses since then. Yeah...that's a few bosses, a few years and a lot of employees.

Managing Up is worth talking about because we all have to do it. How the relationship with the boss is managed has everything to do with how much we can get done, how we feel about the job and, at the very least, our short term success. So here are my five Managing Up - Rules for the Road:

  1. Initiative - Take It!

  2. Never make your boss ask or wonder what you are doing

  3. Manage expectations around deadlines

  4. Never reverse delegate

  5. No surprises
Coming up are my comments about each of the 'Rules'.

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