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Marv Weidner is the CEO and Chairman of Managing Results, LLC (formerly Weidner, Inc.). Marv has 15 years of experience in over 70 government jurisdictions coaching senior government leaders on how to lead and manage change. Marv has been directly involved with all levels of government - city, county, state and federal levels. He frequently speaks to government leaders on a variety of topics. Find Managing Results (MR) at http://www.managing-results.com.

Marv’s career in consulting, coaching and speaking builds on 20 years of senior government experience with the State of Iowa. His experience in Iowa provides tremendous context and understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by government leaders.


The context of Marv’s work is MR’s Managing for Results approach to helping governments focus people, resources and energy – everything they do – on results for customers. MR’s approach combines the needed changes in the organizational culture supported by integration of the components of the management system, including strategic planning, business planning, performance measurement, accounting, budgeting, reporting, decision making and service delivery. MR combines consulting and software services and products. Over the past 15 years, 70+ government jurisdictions have used MR’s integrated change management services and products.

Marv’s role over the years has been lead consultant or engagement partner for the company with some of the nation's best-managed governments. Senior appointed and elected officials have consistently tapped Marv’s expertise, perspective and straightforward feedback to help them lead their MFR initiative. In most engagements, a monthly or quarterly CEO to CEO meeting is the context for coaching.


Trajectory and execution are critical to successful change. Marv has supported many successful change initiatives, beginning by getting the direction and expected results right and then relentlessly focusing attention on execution. Much of change management is a focus on people and helping people maximize change driven opportunities. Getting the mechanics of the desired change right is also critical. Marv’s change management consulting focuses on getting both the people and the mechanics of your desired change on the right trajectory and executed at a pace that both accomplished the goal and keeps the organization fully functional.


Marv frequently speaks on issues related to leading and managing change. Because of his experience and the company’s approach, he also speaks on management issues, like Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Performance Measurement and Reporting.

Preparation is the key to success and Marv works very closely with the customer to design a presentation that speaks to the issues most important to the customer. Small groups or key notes are comfortable settings.


Besides working hard and leading the company with partner Marty Weidner and long time team member Charles Curry, Marv also plays hard. He believes in living life to the fullest and pursues activities that fully engage the senses.


For 15 years, Marv climbed mountains with his son, Seth, domestically and with friend Gary Guller in Nepal (www.garyguller.com). Seth and Marv have climbed 22 of Colorado’s Fourteeners and Gary and Marv trekked and climbed extensively in the Mt. Everest/Gokyo Regions. Gary is the first and only one-armed climber to summit Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest from Gokyo Ri

Sports Car Racing

Since hanging up the crampons in 2004, Marv has become a passionate race car driver. Beginning with his street car and progressing through several Porsche race cars, competing in SCCA, NASA and PCA, Marv celebrated his 60th year by beginning a career racing in the pro Grand Am Series. You can follow Marv’s racing in Grand Am at http://www.leapingtigerracing.com.

#33 MFR Live Car driven by Marv Weidner at Watkins Glen


Marv is a zen priest training at the Daihonzan Chosen-ji International Zen Dojo in Kalihi, Oahu, Hawaii. Chozen-ji is a Rinzai Zen temple where the martial and cultural arts are integrated with traditional Zen training. Here, entering Zen through the body is emphasized.

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