Change Management

The only real constant is change – and for leaders the challenge is how we lead that change to shape the future and to achieve results. We have little influence, let alone control, over economic and political dynamics that have become global in their impact. However, we do have real opportunities to lead change locally and within our own organizations.

Marv has been leading Change Management workshops at national conferences for 12 years. While in State government in Iowa, Marv led refugee resettlement and welfare reform. He has guided dozens of organizations through systemic changes in management practices accompanied by organizational cultural changes where the focus is on results.

Change Management translates to a ’focus on people’. Leading Change requires strategies that successfully support and lead the people of an organization through both intentional, system change, as well as periods of change brought on by external circumstances.

Broad changes in management systems that are successfully sustained over time begin with leaders being very clear about the results expected from the change, both for the organization and for its customers. Marv begins by helping leaders become clear about those results.

Marv’s approach includes five key components:

  1. Clarity about expected results
  2. Change Management strategies focused on people and management systems
  3. Achievable Timeframes
  4. Coaching for executives leading the change
  5. Evaluation and feedback system to ensure success.

Marv can work with you and your organization whether you have decided on a course of action or are in need of one.

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