Monday, August 30, 2010

"This Old Guy Knows Results!"

Over the past 12 years our company, Weidner, Inc., has worked with 50+ governments at the city, county, state and federal levels. That means I have worked directly with the executives who lead those governments, their elected officials, the hundreds of department directors and thousands of program and activity managers, along with their staff, manage those governments.

I was tied to the hip of most of the executives and many of the elected officials in those customer jurisdictions as they developed and implemented Managing for Results. Listening and understanding those leaders’ desire for change was a natural. Experiencing those challenges and opportunities side by side with leaders in 50+ jurisdictions gives me perspective that few people have.

This builds on years of senior government service in Iowa State Government where I held three positions over 20 years – Working directly with the Governor as Director Strategic Planning and Policy, Administrator Economic Assistance & Director of Welfare Reform in the Department of Human Services, and Director Office of Refugee Resettlement, also reporting to the Governor.

So, why this website now? More than at any time in my 30+ years of working for government, appointed and elected officials are looking for answers, advice and perspective to navigate through these times, to make decisions that will have economic, political and organizational implications for years to come. Our customers have engaged me in all three service offerings as part of Managing for Results. Creating the web site will make both me and the services that much more recognizable and easier to access.

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